Efficient Technology

Wisewood designs state-of-the-art biomass energy systems utilizing proven technology sourced from around the United States and the world. Our optimally-scaled thermal energy generation projects convert underutilized biomass fuels into valuable energy with very high efficiency.

This efficiency translates to positive air quality impacts as compared to forest slash burning and wildfires, and to measurable positive economic impacts for the communities and companies that we serve.

Resilient Communities

A biomass energy system can be a great investment for your local community. Biomass energy projects that replace fossil fuel technology keep energy dollars circulating locally and foster community-level energy independence from a stable and reliable local fuel source.

Biomass energy projects designed by Wisewood help reconnect rural communities to their forests while creating economic development opportunities from renewable and plentiful biomass energy. 

Healthy Forests

Many of our forests in the Western US, including Alaska, are at increased risk of catastrophic wildfire like never before. The Long Draw Fire in 2012 was Oregon's largest wildfire in 150 years. The Rim Fire of 2013 in California burned with historic rates of speed and intensity.  

Biomass energy projects can play a critical role in providing markets for stewardship forestry initiatives seeking to restore forest health and mitigate the risk of catastrophic wildfires.